I need to update.

Yes… Yes I do…

part whatever at WHAT?!

(Watch out! This might be the start of a Nergal blog… a SHARED blog with a friend and I)

Part something of something

Jack: Get back here you midget… green… elephant thing!


I expect some wonderful chaos from you!

Jack: With the Grim Reaper’s scythe and the Golden Apple of Discord… Nothing can stop me now! The sun will NEVER rise AGAIN! And every night will be HALLOWEEN NIGHT… TEN TIMES MORE SO THAN BEFORE! Wahahahaha!

Hoss: Not on MY watch! I know your plans, Jarold! You intend to make Halloween last forever with the scythe and apple! That means kid’s will be out trick or treating every day! Which means parents will need to go out and by candy until there is none left! Soon, I won’t be able to buy my peanut butter cups… but that’s not where your sadistic plans end. The kids will all get cavities, meaning they will need to build more dentist places… meaning… more taxes… 

Jack: Yeah… sure… that’s EXACTLY what I had in mind…

Jack: Not anymore…

Hoss: You are weak as a tomato!

(OOC: Just a quick post before I call it a night.)

Jack: How I do love the sound of butthurt in the evening. Sounds like… like… well, butthurt.

Jack: What the heck just happened?!

Jack: Don’t listen to him, kiddies. Running with scissors is a blast! Like playing five finger fillet with your face.

Jack: It’s always good to be organized… even if it is an - AGENDA! That many people do not agree with.